Yokogawa ZR202S Integrated Type Explosion-proof Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer ZR202S-A-040-S-A-N-E-T-T-E-A

Two types are available for an explosionproof direct in situ zirconia oxygen analyzer. Model ZR22S/ZR402G is a separate type which consists of a ZR22S explosionproof probe and a ZR402G non-explosionproof converter.
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The built-in heater assembly of the probe can be replaced on site, reducing maintenance costs.

The probe uses a long-life, high-reliability Zirconia sensor.

The separate type converter ZR402G incorporates a LCD touch-screen for ease of operation.

The integrated type ZR202S integrates both probe and converter, to reduce wiring, piping, and installation costs. ZR202S of unit uses an optical switch for ease of operation at the site.

Remote maintenance using digital communications (HART) reduces maintenance costs.


Model ZR202S is an integrated type which combines a probe and a converter. Both Zirconia oxygen analyzers do not need a sampling device, and allow direct installation of the probe in the wall of a flue or furnace to measure the concentration of oxygen in the stack gas. The converter displays the cell temperature and cell emf in addition to the oxygen concentration.

This analyzer is most suitable for monitoring combustion and controlling the low-oxygen combustion of various industrial furnaces in such explosive atmospheres as at petroleum refineries, petrochemical plants, and natural gas plants.



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