Rosemount AMS Trex Device Communicator

Rosemount AMS Trex Device Communicator

•Enables HART or Fieldbus module communications
•5.7in (14.5 cm) color VGA resistive touchscreen display
Configure and test valves inline
•2 GB NAND and 32 GB extended flash
•Rechargeable lithium-ion power module
•800 MHz ARM Cortex A8 / NXP
•-4 to 131°F (-20 to 55°C) operating temp
•IP54 environmental rating
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The Trex communicator streamlines activities in the field, allowing technicians to isolate and repair problems while devices continue to run. Segment and loop diagnostic tools quickly validate loop and fieldbus segment characteristics for easy troubleshooting. With numerous communication options, your communicator has never been more connected.

Designed for comfortable, one-handed operation in the field, the Trex communicator is packaged in an evenly-balanced form factor with a rugged hand strap so you can easily hold it, even when working in tight spaces. With built-in Bluetooth, USB, and WiFi connectivity, move data to and from the communicator using the connectivity option that is most convenient.

Eliminate the risk of inaccurate data by automatically synchronizing field data with your asset database. With AMS Trex and AMS Device Manager, log and time-stamp field changes as they occur to eliminate manual transcription tasks and maintain the integrity of your asset database.




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