Rosemount 475 Field Communicator

Rosemount 475 Field Communicator

•Full-color graphical user interface
•Powerful field diagnostics
•Bluetooth communication
•Long-lasting Lithium-Ion power module
•Universal support for HART® and Foundation™
•Fieldbus devices
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Rosemount 475 Field Communicator


The 475 Field Communicator is built on the industry-leading technology and is added innovative new capabilities including color display, Bluetooth communication, and advanced field diagnostics with applications like ValveLink™ Mobile.

The 475 Field Communicator is designed to simplify your work in the field. The intuitive full color user interface allows you to leverage the same practices for both HART and Foundation Fieldbus devices. It includes a larger touch screen than PDAs or Pocket PCs, supports HART versions 5, 6, and 7 (including WirelessHART™) devices, and allows you to upgrade your 475 Field Communicator onsite using the Internet.

Intrinsically Safe

The 475 Field Communicator meets the intrinsic safety requirements of the listed regulatory agencies and standards. All of the available Hazardous Locations approvals are provided in a single model option.

Even the power module is approved for installation in hazardous areas.


■Factory Mutual (FM)

■Canadian Standards Association (CSA)




Rugged and Reliable

The 475 Field Communicator is designed for tough use in your plant or mill. Its large keys and physical navigation buttons allow for one-handed operation, even with your work gloves on. The rugged display is designed to take the knocks and shocks from normal use in the plant.

Detect power supply problems by monitoring low frequency noise on a segment. Locate incorrect terminations and faulty devices by diagnosing the communications signal level.

For HART loops, the 475 Field Communicator allows you to verify whether the DC voltage in the loop is correct.



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