E+H Magphant Electromagnetic Flow Meter

E+H Magphant Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Magphant Magnetic Flowmeters detect flows of electricity conductive fluids. It is also an electromagnetic flow monitor. This integrated flow monitor can be widely applied in various environments.
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It is an electromagnetic flow monitor, which can be used to detect conductive liquids flows.

Magphant integrated flow meters are widely used for all occasions.

Can be installed in:

- Stainless steel tube, minimum diameter DN25

- Plastic pipe, minimum diameter DN15

Magphant electromagnetic flowmeter is easy to operateï¼›Select the limit value by simple dial switch

Full scale value setting potentiometer

This flow meter can be set before installation

Magphant electromagnetic flowmeter can also be used for both monitoring and measuring

Flow monitor with optional limit value (relay output)

Flow measurement through 4-20mA current output

Magphant electromagnetic flowmeter is safe to operate

Reliable detection (4mA) even in the case of empty tubes

EMC test compliant to IEC

Self-test measurement system

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