Crude Oil Flow Meter In Liter Liquid Turbine Flowmeter Wifi Supplier

Electronic aluminum turbine digital diesel fuel flow meter with LCD display and 1 inch Inlet/outlet
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Features and Description:

   (1) High accuracy (regular accuracy┬▒1%R, ┬▒0.5%R, highest accuracy┬▒0.2% R);
    (2) Good repeatability (short-term one reaches 0.05%--0.2%), priority to be used in trade settlement  for  its extremely high accuracy in the regular calibration or on-line calibration.
    (3) Pulse  frequency  signal  output  is  applicable  to  totality  calculation  and  computer connection with no zero drift and strong anti-interference capacity.
    (4) High frequency (3-4kHz) can be achieved, and has high resolution.
    (5) Wide range ratio: medium or large diameter may reach 1:20,  and small diameters are 1:10.
    (6) Compact  and  light  weight  structure,        convenient  installation  and  maintenance, extensive application ability. 
    (7) Application to  high  pressure  measurement with its unnecessary opening hole to be made into high pressure instruments.
    (8) Complete   tailored   version  sensors   can   be  designed  to  different  kinds of  types according to  users special needs.  For instance, low temperature type, high pressure type, sanitary type, etc.
    (9) Insertion type can be made, that is applicable to large normal diameters measurement for  its  little   pressure   loss,   low price,   unnecessary   stopping  flow  to  take  out  it,   and convenient installation and maintenance.

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