YOKOGAWA's magnetic flowmeter is supported by a long history of more than half a century. We added innovative specifications in each era, and have always lead the industry. The consistent policy of YOKOGAWA's magnetic flowmeter is to have high performance and high quality.
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Fast response and high stability by our unique Dual

Frequency Excitation method.

High Accuracy, 0.5% of flowrate.

Dual compartment housing separates the wiring section

from the electronics and protects the electronics from

corrosive environments.

AC/DC power supply common use (100/200V).

Commonly available 4-conductor cables used for 24V

DC version.

High visibility backlit LCD for easy operation.

99.9% ultra high purity alumina ceramic lining.

An integral leak-proof Pt Alumina cermet electrode is

used on flow tubes with ceramic liners.

Conform to Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC


Magnetic Flow Converter for AE100MG/MN/SC/MH,


Note 1: For models with no indicator, a hand-held terminal

is necessary to set parameters.

Note 2: Pulse output, status output and alarm output use

common terminals, therefore, these functions are

not available at the same time.

Note 3: Please refer to GS01E07F01-00 Fieldbus

communication type(/FB).

Excitation method: Dual frequency excitation

Output Signal(Note 3):

Current Output: 4 to 20 mA DC (Load resistance 750Ω


Transistor Contact Output(Open-collector):

Pulse, alarm or status output selected by

parameter setting. Contact rating: 30 V DC

(OFF), 200 mA (ON).

Communication (option)(Note 3):

BRAIN or HART (Superimposed on the 4 to 20 mA DC


Load Resistance: (including cable resistance)

BRAIN: 250 to 600Ω

HART: 230 to 600Ω, depending on q’ty of field

devices connected to the loop (multidrop


Load Capacitance: 0.22 µF maximum

Load Inductance: 3.3 mH maximum

Distance from Power Line:

15 cm(0.6 ft) or more

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