YOKOGAWA RAMC Variable Area Flow Meter

The RAMC combines all the advantages of the variable area principle with robust design, reliable measurement, with or without power, HART, culminating in a truly universal flowmeter for gases, liquids and steam applications.
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Product Details


• Energy efficient due to mechanical indication without

power supply and very low pressure loss

• All common process connections available

• All wetted parts in stainless steel or PTFE

• Flow range water: 0.0025 to 130 m³/h (0.66 to 34342 gph)

• Flow range air: 0.075 to 1400 m³/h (2.65 to 49440 scfh)

at 20 °C, 1 bar abs (68 °F, 14.5 psi)

• Measuring accuracy ±1.6 % acc. standard VDI/VDE 3513

sheet 2 (qG = 50 %)

• Float damping to avoid float bouncing with gas applications

• Optional heat tracing (with steam or fluid heat carrier)

• Indicator in stainless steel or aluminum, protection class


• Microprocessor controlled transmitter with 24 V, 115 V

or 230 V power supply

• Suitable for hazardous area applications

• FMEDA report available for SIL application

• Limit switches, also available as “fail-safe” version

• Electronic transmitter as standard with digital display

 with the following features:

♦ Flow indication (totalizer, actual, percent)

♦ Indication of different volume- and mass flow units

♦ Possibility of user calibration in the field

♦ Float blocking indication function

♦ Adjustable signal output damping

♦ Error message indication

♦ Temperature measurement in the electronic transmitter

♦ HART 5/7- or Profibus PA- Communication




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