Differential Pressure Flow Meter

Differential Pressure Flow Meter

differential pressure flow meter Introduction Vortex shedding air flow measurement instruments with temperature and pressure compensation is one of the main flow instruments,which is widely used in the industry of petroleum, chemical, metallurgy and heat supply,etc.It can measure and calculate...
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Differential Pressure Flow Meter


Vortex shedding air flow measurement instruments with temperature and pressure compensation is one of the main flow instruments,which is widely used in the industry of petroleum, chemical, metallurgy and heat supply,etc.It can measure and calculate the flow of liquids, gases and steams.

It won’t touch the fluids when testing the component. It is of high reliability and of
strong adaptability to all kinds of mediums.

It has no movable accessories. It can stand wear and tear. Its structure is firm and

It has good anti-seismic property.

It has wide range of the working temperature, which is -40oC ~ +350oC.

It has wide range of measurement. It has high accuracy.

Output the pulse signal or two- wire system 4 ~ 20mA current signal.

Differential Pressure Flow Meter

Main characters differential pressure flow meter

1.Simple and firm structure, no movable parts, high reliability, apply to long-termed work.

2.Easy to operate and convenient to maintenance

3.Detection sensor is not contacted with tested medium directly, stable performance and long using life

4.The output pulse signal is proportional to the flow rate, high accuracy

5.Widely measurement range

6.Low pressure lost, low operate charge

Differential Pressure Flow Meter


Differential Pressure Flow Meter

Measured MediumsLiquids, gases and steams
(NOTE: the mediums should be unidirectional or can be seen as unidirectional.)
When the dryness of saturated steams ≥85%, they can be seen as unidirectional.
Temperature of Mediums- 40°C ~ + 350°C
Pressure of Mediums1.6MPa, 2.5MPa, 4.0 MPa
For over 4.0 MPa, please contact us freely, for it needs special customization.
Accuracy1.0; 1.5
Span Rate1:8 ~ 1:30(compared with the standard atmospheric pressure)
1:8 ~ 1:40 ( compared with the nominal temperature water)
Flow RangeLiquids: 0.4 ~ 7.0 m/s
Gases: 4.0 ~ 60.0 m/s
Steams: 5.0 ~ 70.0 m/s
Nominal DiameterDN 25, 40, 50, 65, 80, 100, 125, 150, 200, 250,300 mm
Reynolds No.Normally, 2*104 ~ 7*106
Resistance CoefficientCd ≤ 2.6
Licensed Vibration AccelerationLUGB type ≤ 0.2g
Class of ProtectionIP65
Class of Explosion-ProofIntrinsically Safe Explosion-Proof: Exia II CT2 ~ CT6
Explosion Suppression: Exid II CT4
Conditions of SurroundingsTemperature of Surroundings:Non-Explosion Proof Surroundings: -40°C~ +55°C
Explosion-Proof Surroundings: -20°C~ +55°C
Relative Humidity:≤ 85%
Atmospheric Pressure:86 ~ 106 kPa
Power SupplyNon-Explosion Proof TypePulse type:+12 VDC ( the output current is 4 ~20mA)
Current type:+24 VDC ( the output current is 4~ 20mA)
Explosion-Proof TypeCurrent type:+24 VDC ( the output current is 4~20mA)
Output SignalFrequency pulse signal 2~3000Hz, low level voltage ≤1V, high level voltage ≥ 6V
Two-wire system 4 ~ 20mA signal (isolation output), load ≤ 500Ω.

1.The matters need to pay attention when installing the equipment

The differential pressure flowemeter is unitized supply. The main primary and secondary instruments and installation is finished by the making factory. The throttle element and the measuring pipe section also are also composed to the assembly by the making factory. Due to the transportation reason, all the usual materials for the installation are prepared by the users. The on-site installation , generally complete by the users according to the ordering contract and the ordering inquiry.

The on-site installation, according to the pipe arrangement and the practical situation of the spot indicated on the ordering inquiry carry out. the instrument cabinet on the site should be placed near the throttle equipment, the installation place should be convenient to check the instrument and maintenance, The instrument cabinet standing must be steady, with good shock proof. For protecting the electrical instrument, the instrument cabinet should be placed in the surrounding without strong heat emission, humidity, dust, strong shock and strong magnetic field interference.

2. The maintenance of the equipment

When the equipment put into operate, please keep the maintenance and timely examination, when finding the abnormal phenomenon, it should be deal with promptly.

1).please pay attention to check if the pipe has leakage. In case finding the leakage, it need to screw the screw cap of the active connector, and it need to change the gasket if it is necessary.

2). in 1-2 months, it need pollution discharge for the pipe generally. When discharging the pollution, what only need is to close the balance valve and open the valve of the pollution discharge. Closing the valve of the pollution discharge after the discharge medium is cleaning ,and reopening the balance valve after the temperature of the connecting pipe reduce to the normal..

3.)Every element of the instrument is adjusted specialized before out of the factory, and the user mustn’t carry out the normal adjustment

freely. Or it would damage the design intention of the equipment completely. If the users require to handle the adjustment principle of the equipment completely, please contact with us and check the adjustment data of the theoretical calculation, and grasp the adjustment method. And the users never are permitted to do something as their wishes, the result will be responsible by the users, and our company could offer the consultant services.

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