GAIMC GTF300 Turbine Flow Meter Without Display

GAIMC GTF300 Turbine Flow Meter Without Display

1.Without indicator
2.Male thread
3.Short response time
4.SS304 Material
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GTF300 Liquid turbine flow meter is a new generation turbine flow meter which was designed with advanced flow technologies both home and aboard. The product possesses advantages of simple structure, light in weight, high accuracy, good repeatability, short response time, easy installation, etc. It could be used widely in measurement of closed pipe system for pure liquid that will not react with 1Cr18Ni9Ti, 2Cr13, Al2O3 and hard alloys. Kinematic viscosity of the medium liquid shall be smaller than 5×10-6m2/s. Measurement for medium with kinematic viscosity larger than 5×10-6m2/s will need calibration with the actual liquid.

GTF300 series could also operate with specific display instruments for flow control, over flow alarm and many other functions.



1. Accuracy: Default type: ±1%R, ±0.5%R High accuracy type: ±0.2%R

2. Good repeatability. Repeatability of the product could reach to 0.05%~0.2% in short term. It is this advantage in repeatability that make the product a good choice in trading measurement.

3. Pulse frequency output, suitable for total flow measurement and connect to computer. No zero drift and with strong anti-interference performance;

4. Could output high frequency signal (3~4kHz) with high resolution;

5. Wide range ratio, middle and large diameter could reach to 1:20 and small diameter could reach to 1:10;

6. Compact and light structure, easy for installation and maintenance;

7. Suitable for high pressure measurement. Since there is no opening on housing of the product, it could be used as a high pressure instrument.

8. Could operate with multiple sensors. According to requirement of the users, GTF300 offers options with different special sensors, for example low temperature type, dual flow direction type, well type, sandy medium type, etc.;

9. Offer insertion type for large diameter measurement. The insertion type possesses advantages of small pressure loss, low cost and easy installation and maintenance (could be taken out of the pipe without shut the system down)



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