Rosemount 3100 Series Level Transmitters

Rosemount 3100 Series Level Transmitters

•Storage tank levels
•Open channel flow
•Effluent pits
•Reservoir level
•Buffer tanks
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The Rosemount 3100 Series is a liquid level transmitter based on ultrasonic technology that is suitable for many liquid applications.

Ultrasonic pulse signals are transmitted and reflected from the liquid surface. The transmitter “listen” for reflected signals (echoes) and measures the time-delay between transmitting and receiving. The distance to the liquid surface is automatically calculated using the computed time-delay.

The transmitter then calculates the liquid depth (level) and outputs the level as a 4–20 mA signal (and a digital HART signal on the Rosemount 3102 and 3105).

The Rosemount 3102 is used for measuring the level only. The Rosemount 3102 and 3105 can calculate distance-to-surface, contents (volume), or open channel flow, and then output the result as a 4–20 mA signal and a digital HART signal.

An integral temperature sensor continuously measures the air temperature around the transmitter. It then computes the speed of sound in air, automatically compensating the calculated distance for temperature effects. The Rosemount 3102 and 3105 have a remote temperature sensor option.


1. Measures liquid height, distance to liquid, volume, or flow in open channels

2. Eliminates problems experienced with contacting instrumentation

3. Simple set-up and operation with an integral LCD display and buttons

4. Low cost of installation and commissioning. Minimal maintenance after installed

5. Process downtime minimized

6. Non-contacting measurement with no moving parts

7. Two integral signal relays (on the 3102 only)

8. Corrosion resistant PVDF wetted material

9. Two-wire 24 V direct current loop-powered

10. Operating range up to 36 ft. (11 m)

11. Automatic temperature compensation


Measurement range: Rosemount 3101: Range of 1 to 26 ft. (0,3 to 8 m) ;Rosemount 3102 and 3105: Range of 1 to 36 ft. (0,3 to 11 m)

Level resolution: Better than 0.04 in. (1 mm)

Accuracy under reference conditions: Rosemount 3101 (1) : ± 0.2 in. (5 mm) for < 3.3 ft. (1 m), ± 0.5% of measured distance for > 3.3 ft. (1 m); Rosemount 3102 and 3105 (1) (2) :± 0.1 in. (2,5 mm) < 3.3 ft (1 m), ±0.25% of measured distance for > 3.3 ft. (1 m)

Blanking distance (dead zone): 12 in. (0,3 m)

Update interval: Display: 500 ms; Current Output: 200 ms

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