Yokogawa Digital YEWFLO Series Vortex Flow Meter

Yokogawa Digital YEWFLO Series Vortex Flow Meter

By the unique SSP (Spectral signal processing) technology, digital YEWFLO provides high accuracy and stability, even in harsh process conditions. Combined with high reliability and robust design, it delivers improvements in plant efficiency and reduced operating costs.
Digital YEWFLO Multi-Variable Type (Option: /MV) built-in temperature sensor, so that temperature measurement and mass flow calculation is available. Digital YEWFLO Reduced Bore Type (Option: /R1, /R2) integrated and casting construction with concentric reduced bore piping.
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Product Details

Digital YEWFLO vortex flow meters are available in a number of different sizes ranging from 1/2-inch to 16-inch. Available with wafer style or flanged style (ANSI Class 150 to ANSI Class 900), digitalYEWFLO has the size and style you need for your process.





SSP (Spectral Signal Processing) technology: SSP is built into the powerful electronics of digitalYEWFLO. SSP analyses the fluid conditions inside digitalYEWFLO and uses the data to automatically select the optimum adjustment for the application, providing features never before realized in a vortex flowmeter.SSP accurately senses vortices in the low flow range, providing outstanding flow stability.

Self-diagnostics:The application condition, such as high vibration of the piping and pulsating flow, is predicted and indicated.

High Accuracy:±0.75% of Reading (Liquid) (±0.5% of Reading: Typical Accuracy/ Non-Guaranteed)±1% of Reading (Gas, Steam).

Wide Process Temperature Range:High temperature version up to+450°C Cryogenic version minimum –196°C.

Simple Parameter settings:Frequently-used selections grouped together in a quick-access format decreases commissioning time.

Clear, Concise Indicator:Simultaneous flow rate or temperature (Option: /MV) and total flow rate along with process diagnosis conveniently displayed.

Dual output for Analog / Pulse:Simultaneous output for flow rate or temperature (Option: /MV) and pulse.

Alarm output, Status output (Flow switch)An alarm signal output, in case alarm occurs.

No moving parts stainless steel detector: High durable and safety.

Signal cable length is up to 30m.

Explosion proof construction, TIIS / FM / ATEX / CSA / SAA (Intrinsically safe), IECEx.


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