ADKS-1 Portable Combustible Gas Detector

ADKS-1 Portable Combustible Gas Detector

It's adopted with high quality imported sensors,good sensibility, fast detection gas leakage spot.
It has good sensibility&outstanding repeatability.
Acoustic,light,vibration,triple alarms.
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Product Details

ADKS-1(EX) Portable Combustible Gas Detector

Product description

Portable gas detector (hereinafter so called gas detector) is adopted with advanced large scaleintegrated circuit technology, international standardized Al design and professional digital analog hybrid communication technology, it's intelligentialized gas detection apparatus. The gas detector detects gas by means of natural diffusion method,sensitive units are adopted with good quality gas sensors. It has good sensibility&outstanding repeatability, it' s convenient in usage and it' s ease in maintenance. It meets the needs of reliability for industrial security detection surroundings, the shell is composed of high strength engineering plastics and compound antiskid rubber. lt' s high strength, good hand feeling, water-resistant, anti-dust, anti-combustible. The gas detector is widely used in petrol, chemistry, environmental protection, metallurgy, refinery, gas transmission & distribution, biochemical pharmacy, agriculture aspects.

Product features

1. It's adopted with high quality imported sensors,good sensibility, fast detection gas leakage spot.

2. High brightness LCD display,digital LED alphanumeric read out

3. Lengthening flexible probe

4. Acoustic,light,vibration,triple alarms

5. 5~15s preheating, fast applying, no need to wait

6. Good handfeeling, small, portable, vogue fashion design

7. The shell is composed of high quality engineering plastic.

8. It's antiskid, water-resistant, anti-dust, anti-combustible.

Technic parameter

Detection range: 0~10000 umol/mol(ppm)

Resolution: 1umol/mol(ppm)

Applying gas: combustible

Value alarm: settable,min default value 500 umol/mol,max default 2000 umol/mol

Response time: T<30S

Indicating method: LCD displays real data&system status, light emitting dioxide, acoustic, vibration alarm, malfunction, low-voltage

Working ambient surroundings: temperature -20~50°C; humidity <95%RH no condensation

Working volatage: DC3. 7V(lithium battery capacity 2000 mAh)

Explosion proof: Ex ib lI B T3 GB

Recharge time: 4~6h

Standby time: >12h

Sensor lifetime: 2y

Protection grade: IP65

Dimension: 200*70*25mm

Weight: about 256g(no included portable accessories)

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