Gas Detector LCD Display

It adopts advanced integrated circuit technology.
with excellent sensitivity and repeatability.
can quickly understand the product and use and maintain it simply.
dust-proof,waterproof and explosion-proof funtion.
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Product Details


The detector is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, environmental protection, metallurgy, refining, gas, biochemical medicine, agriculture, fire protection, Archaeology and other industries and places that need safety monitoring for toxicity and harmfulness, explosion prevention. The detector can effectively predict the concentration of dangrous gases and alarm, so as to ensure the safety of workers and production equipment,


Alarm Rate and default low alarm & high alarm :

EX:   1-100% LEL  (Low alarm 20% LEL, high alarm 50%LEL)

H2S:  0-100 ppm  (Low 10ppm, high 35ppm)

CO:  1-1000ppm  (Low 50ppm, high 150ppm)

O2:  0-30% vol   (Low 19.5%vol, high 23.5%vol)

Precision:  ≤ ±5%FS

Explosion-Proof grade:  ExibIIBT3Gb

Work in: -20℃~50℃,   <95%RH  non-condensing

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