Stationary Industry Gas Alarm Multiplex

Stationary Industry Gas Alarm Multiplex

Stationary industry gas alarm multiplex is single to two channels 4-20 MA detector signal intelligent collector control system.
lt has high stablility, high accuracy&intelligentialized features.
The probe has infrared remote control function.
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Product Details

Stationary industry gas alarm multiplex

Product description

Single/multiplex stationary industry gas alarm was developed by our company, which one is single to two channels 4-20 MA detector signal intelligent collector control system. lt has high stablility, high accuracy&intelligentialized features. It can be connected to various controlling ports, it can be also connected to any kinds of detectors or input ports as per customer's requirements, and it's manoeurable by means of simple settings at site, it can perform gas detection and alarm immediately. The system is suitable for detecting either combustible gas or poisonous gas ambient surroundings, shows the concentration of the gas which needs to be inspected. When the gas concentration value rises higher or less than the setting alarm value,the system will automatic react with alarm movements, for example, alarm, ventilation, shut down, etc (it can react as per customer's different settings).


Product features

1. Micro processor

2. It' s adopted with 4-20 MA transmitter signal collector system

3. It can be connected with various ports

4. High sensibility, quick response

5. Good performance of stability,accurate calibration

6. Audio & visual alarm

7. Single/multiplex mainframe optional

8. Support various kinds of detector input

9. The probe has infrared remote control function


Technic parameter

Detection theory: The system will supply 24V standard DC voltage to the probe. Meanwhile the system will automatically collect standard 4-20mA signals from the probe, and then they will be

Analyzed & processed, and finally they will be displayed with alphanumeric digital&alarm operations.

Applications: The system will support various signals from standarddetectors, for example, gas detectors: CO, SH2, 02, NH3, H2, CL2 and other combustible gas transmitter.

Voltage: AC220V, 50Hz

Ambient surroundings: Temperature -10~50℃, relative humidity: <95%

System power: Full load of 8 channels, Max. Power 50W

Relay controlling port: 1~8 channels inactive relay output,correspond with input channels

Signal input: 1~channels 4~20mA standard current ring input, support 3 route system

Dimension: 38. 5cmX24cmX8. 5cm

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