A solution to the Ross Mont transmitter without output

- Jan 11, 2018-

Ross Mont 3051C pressure transmitter created a new specification for pressure measurement technology. It has no comparable operating performance, flexible CoPlanarTM platform, and can be upgraded. The new 3051C performance index ensures the accuracy and stability under different working conditions. At work, the high pressure and low pressure side isolation diaphragm and filling liquid transfer the process pressure to the filling liquid, and then fill the liquid to transfer the pressure to the sensing diaphragm of the sensor center. The sensing membrane is a elastic element of tension, compression and displacement with the change (for GP gauge transmitter, atmospheric pressure as applied in the low voltage side of the sensing membrane like) AP absolute pressure transmitter, always adhere to the low voltage side of a reference pressure. The maximum displacement of the sensing film is 0.004 inches (0.1 mm) and the displacement is directly proportional to the pressure. The capacitor plates on both sides detect the position of the sensing film. The difference between capacitance between sensing diaphragm and capacitance pole plate is converted to corresponding current, voltage or digital HA RT high speed addressable remote transmitter data highway output signal.

1. check whether the power supply of the controller is connected back, and the power polarity is correct.

2. power supply measuring pressure controller, or 24V DC voltage; power supply voltage is needed to ensure that more than 12V pressure controller, pressure controller power input voltage greater than 12V if there is no power, it should check whether the circuit breaking and instrumentation selection error (whether the input impedance should be less than or equal to 250 ohms) and so on;

3., if the head of the check head is damaged, the first two ends of the watch can be short circuited. If the short circuit is normal, it means the head is damaged. If the head is damaged, it is necessary to change the table head.

4., connect the ammeter into the 24V power supply circuit to check whether the current is normal. If normal, it indicates that the pressure transfer controller is normal. At this time, we should check whether the other instruments in the loop are normal.

5. power supply is connected to the power input terminal of the pressure transfer controller, and the power line is connected to the power terminal.