Application of Ross Mont 3051 pressure transmitter

- Jan 16, 2018-

The performance index of the new Ross Mont 3051C ensures the accuracy and stability under different working conditions. Flexible and variable CoPlanarTM platform design not only provides the best solution for your current application needs, but also fully meets your future technical requirements through PlantWeb factory control network and fieldbus technology.

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The technical index of 3051 transmitter is as follows

3051C type

Differential pressure transmitter 3051CD 0-0.5inH2O to 2000Psi 100:1 0.075%

3051CG 0-2.5inH2O 2000Psi 100:1 to gauge transmitter 0.075%

Absolute pressure transmitter 3051CA 0-0.167Psia to 2000Psi 100:1 0.075%

3051T type

Absolute pressure transmitter 3051TA 0-0.3-1MPsia 100:1 0.075%

Gauge transmitter 3051TG 0.3-1MPsig?? 100:1 0.075%?

3051L type

Liquid level transmitter 3051L 2.5inH2O-8310H2O 100:1 0.075%

3051H high process temperature pressure transmitter (process temperature 191 C)

Differential pressure transmitter 3051HD 0-0.62kPa to 13800kPa 100:1 0.075%

3051HG 0-0.62kPa 13800kPa 100:1 to gauge transmitter 0.075%

Type 3051P reference stage pressure transmitter (precision 0.05%)

Differential pressure transmitter 3051PD 0-0.62kPa to 248kPa 10:1 0.05%

3051PG 0-0.62kPa 13800kPa 10:1 to gauge transmitter 0.05%

3051C low power pressure transmitter 6-12V DC power supply, power consumption 18-36mW, 4-20mA output, power consumption of more than 200mW. 0.8-3.2V and 1-5V output are optional.