Experience in the selection of Ross Mont 3051 transmitter

- Jan 11, 2018-

In the past, many brands of smart transmitters were used in the factory. When Ross Mont 3051 transmitter was used for more than a year, I felt that 3051 is a very good transmitter. The technical advantage is the obvious use of the experience of the Ross Mont 3051 series transmitter.

The reliability of the 1. height

Debugging device put into use within the past two years, more than 400 Taiwan 3051 transmitter has withstood the test of a variety of applications, not a problem occurred, to ensure the smooth production and commissioning. So I feel satisfied and relieved about the quality of the 3051 transmitter.

2. excellent stability

The transmitter's measurement will drift along with the change of ambient temperature, process temperature and static pressure. If there are some small pressure and differential pressure measurements, this drift is likely to be more serious, and there will be a great error. But because of the unique sensor structure of the 3051 transmitter and the electronic manufacturing process of Motorola special chip, the drift decreases to a low order 0.2%56 degree. 0.2%70 kg solves the problem of drift well. According to my experience. The 3051 transmitter can get the most correct measurement under different working conditions. Thus, the stability of the production is maintained and the consistency of the process is ensured.

The 3.1001 range ratio greatly increases the flexibility used by the 3051 transmitter

The 3051 transmitter has a 1001 range ratio. It has great convenience for design and use.

The A. process is improved by the foreign side, and the conditions in the design are often changed. But because of the large scale ratio of 3051, it has good generality. The change of the process conditions does not affect the model of the transmitter. The workload of the design modification is greatly simplified.

The b.1001 range ratio has greatly reduced the two types of transmitter, the differential pressure transmitter of the transmitter used in the project, the pressure transmitter three and the ordinary transmitter, the model will be reduced by 1/3.

The c.1001 range ratio also greatly reduced the spare parts, also reduced the inventory, reduced the backlog of funds.

4. complete product series

The process of chemical production is more complex on the transmitter also has a variety of requirements, according to the comparison, 3051 series transmitter is currently the most complete series of the transmitter, all measuring range of pressure, differential pressure, pressure transmitter, various materials, various requirements of the connecting flange can be found from the 3051 series of transmitters in the production of a several transmitters have special requirements on the connecting flange. In accordance with the requirements of the Ros emount Inc, special processing is carried out. It meets the requirements of the production process. And the price is reasonable.