How about EJA Differential Pressure Transmitter

- Dec 23, 2020-

EJA-E series high-performance differential pressure transmitter is suitable for measuring the flow, level, density and pressure of liquid, gas or steam, and converting it into 4-20mA DC current signal output, with fast response and remote setting And self-diagnosis and other functions.

The EJA-E series supports BRAIN, HART/HART (1-5V) low power consumption and FOUNDATION™ fieldbus or PROFIBUS PA communication protocol.


Excellent performance and stability

The EJA series uses monocrystalline silicon resonance sensor technology. Single crystal silicon has no hysteresis for pressure or temperature changes, and is a very ideal material. The monocrystalline silicon resonant sensor minimizes the effects of overvoltage, temperature changes, and static pressure, providing unparalleled long-term stability.

Small and lightweight design

Due to the use of ASIC amplifier design to make the package smaller, as well as the miniaturization of the capsule structure and flange, the weight of this model is reduced to half of the original model. ASIC design not only reduces the number of parts, but also improves the reliability of the amplifier.

Fieldbus communication capability

Fieldbus is a two-way digital communication system. It is an innovative technology for configuring the instrument control system. It is also a promising replacement product for replacing the standard 4-20mA analog communication widely used in field instruments.

The EJA series provides two fieldbus modes, FOUNDATION™ fieldbus low-voltage mode and PROFIBUS PA devices to realize the collaborative work between Yokogawa and other suppliers. In terms of software, the EJA series uses two AI function blocks to calculate differential pressure and static pressure, thereby realizing flexible instrument configuration.

EJA Differential Pressure Transmitter