How to choose the Ross Mont pressure transmitter correctly!

- Jan 11, 2018-

Ross Monte pressure transmitter is used in many fields and industries to measure and apply. If the quality is not good, it is easy to produce errors in the measurement process, and it is also easy to damage. Therefore, the selection of a high quality pressure transmitter is the premise and guarantee of the accuracy of the measurement results. So how can we choose a pressure transmitter with a quality pass?

1. The pressure transmitter with good quality is the premise and guarantee of the accuracy of the measurement results.

2, confirm the pressure range: in general, according to the actual measurement pressure is the 80% selection of the measurement range.

3, confirm the measurement pressure introduction: according to the different measuring medium, it can be divided into dry gas, gas liquid, strong clothing liquid, viscous liquid, high temperature gas and liquid. According to different media, accurate selection is beneficial to extend the service life of products.

4, confirm the maximum overload of the system: the maximum overload of the system should be smaller than the overload protection limit of the transmitter, otherwise it will affect the life of the product and even damage the product.

5, confirm the accuracy level: the transmitter's measurement error is classified according to the accuracy level. Different accuracy corresponds to different basic error limits (expressed as the percentage of full scale output). In practical application, it is chosen according to the control requirements of measurement error and the principle of using the economy.

6, confirm the work temperature range: medium temperature measurement should be in the transmitter operating temperature range, such as overheating, will produce a larger measuring error and affect the service life; in the production process of pressure transmitter, can measure and compensate the influence of temperature on the measuring error, ensure that the product produced in the range affected by temperature. The correct grade requirements in. In the case of high temperature, the high temperature pressure transmitter may be chosen or the auxiliary cooling measures, such as the installation of the condensing tube and the radiator, can be taken into consideration.

7, confirm the compatibility between measuring medium and contact material: in some measurement occasions, the medium is erosive. At this time, materials that are compatible with measuring media or special process must be selected to ensure that the transmitter is not damaged.

8, confirm the form of pressure interface: in the form of threaded connection (M20 * 1.5) as a scale interface form, if customers need other special interface forms, they can be designed and produced according to customer requirements.