Product features of Rosemount Ross Mont transmitter

- Jan 12, 2018-

Ross at the transmitter level transmitter, is a common production application, one of them is Ross mount floating ball type liquid level transmitter is composed of a magnetic floating ball, measuring tube, signal unit, electronic unit, junction box and a mounting element, another is a float type liquid level transmitter by Archimedes according to the principle of buoyancy the design and use of metal film micro strain sensing technology to measure the liquid level, bound or density, the two Ross Monte transmitter we previously introduced, I believe we all understand, I have the following transmitter introduced another design principle of Monte Ross common products of liquid level transmitter.

This is the working principle of Monte Ross transmitter measuring static pressure by liquid pressure or a liquid level transmitter, the general selection of silicon pressure sensor, the measured pressure is converted into an electrical signal, then amplified by the amplifying circuit and compensation circuit, finally to 4 ~ 20mA or 0 ~ 10mA current output. The Ross Mont transmitter is a relatively common current type transmitter.

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Rosemount Ross Mont transmitter product features:

The overall performance is 0.15%, and the performance of the loop is optimized.

The five year stability is 0.125%, which can greatly reduce the cost of check and maintenance.

Faster dynamic response can reduce the variability of the process. 100:1 range ratio.

The coplanar design of small and quality meridian has the best performance and the minimum demand for the stock on the spot.

The PLANT structure, using HART or FOUNDATION fieldbus technology, can provide more field information to improve the performance of the factory.

Several common transmitters, such as pressure transmitter, liquid level transmitter and temperature transmitter, are introduced in Ross Mont transmitter. Before that, we introduced some principles and introduced the measuring principle of liquid Ross montor transmitter. Next we continue to introduce another measuring principle of the liquid level Ross Mont transmitter.

The Ross montor transmitter liquid level product is a floating type liquid level transmitter designed to measure liquid level, boundary or density based on the buoyancy principle of Archimedes and the tiny metal membrane strain sensing technology. In the work, it can be set through the field key to perform the routine setting operation.