Rosemount 0065 RTD temperature sensor

- Jan 27, 2021-

Rosemount 0065 series resistance temperature detectors and 185 series thermocouple temperature sensors can be ordered as kit accessories. These assemblies provide a complete and simple way to specify the appropriate industrial hardware for most temperature measurements. Obtain an assembly model from the order form, and define in detail the type of sensing element, the material, length and type of the extension and thermowell. All sensor assembly parts are manufactured and checked by Rosemount Measurement Division according to the specified size to ensure the complete compatibility and performance of the components.

Rosemount integrated temperature sensor, accessory hardware and assembly parts form a complete set of industrial temperature sensing instruments. A variety of resistance temperature detectors and thermocouple sensors can be used alone or as complete assemblies. Complete assemblies include junction boxes, thermowells and extension accessories. The products provided here are designed for the application of a full set of temperature measurement assemblies, including Rosemount smart and programmable temperature transmitters. Please consult your local Rosemount representative for details.

The 65 series platinum resistance temperature detector temperature sensor exhibits a very high linear and stable relationship between resistance and temperature. These sensors are mainly used in industrial environments that require high accuracy, durability, and long-term stability. The 65 series sensors are designed to meet most of the key parameters in the following international standards: DIN EN 60751 Amendments 1 and 2, DIN 43760 and BS 1904. (1) This standardization makes the sensor interchangeable without the need to adjust the transmitter circuit. The 65 series sensor is equipped with a series of intelligent temperature transmitters, through calibration and Callendar van Dusen constant, can improve the performance, get the best temperature measurement accuracy.


Time constant/response, when tested in flowing water in accordance with IEC 751:1983 Revision 1 and 2, it takes up to 9 seconds to reach 50% sensor response

Insulation resistance, at room temperature, when measured at 500 Vdc, the minimum insulation resistance is 1000 MΩ

Calibration option, IEC 751 Class A accuracy; calibration arrangement with Callendar-Van Dusen constant; MID custody transfer calibration


Single or dual-element industry standard sensors that comply with IEC 751 provide reliable and flexible performance

Adaptable sensors can withstand high vibration industrial applications

DIN type sensor connector is convenient for quick connection and replacement

Sensor selection covers a wide temperature range from –196 to 600°C (–321 to 1112°F) to meet many process needs.

Terminals, soft lead wires and spring-loaded threaded adapters can realize split or integrated transmitter installation configuration

Callendar-Van Dusen constant facilitates transmitter-sensor matching and brings higher accuracy

Optional Class A accuracy can ensure that key temperature measurement points meet tolerance standards and accuracy requirements

Thermowell assembly options provide protection against corrosive environments

Measuring Instrument Directive (MID) calibration option suitable for custody transfer applications

Global hazardous location certification meets local needs