Rosemount R305 & R306 Enhanced Manifolds Simplify operations, increase safety, and enhance reliability

- Feb 22, 2021-

Manifolds serve as a critical mounting mechanism required in many installations and are vital to efficient plant operation because of their ability to shut-off or equalize pressure at the transmitter. However, traditional manifolds can be difficult to operate, present potential safety risks, or degrade over time, leading to sub-optimal performance.

The Rosemount™ R305 is designed for both differential or gauge pressure applications and assembles directly to any Rosemount Coplanar™ transmitter for a complete solution. The Rosemount R306, designed for in-line pressure transmitters, is suited for gauge or absolute pressure applications.

Exclusive Pressure-Lock™ Valve technology offers simplified operation, increased safety, and enhanced reliability. • Two-piece stem with non-rotating tip provides minimal wear and reduced potential leak paths. • Enhanced valves offer increased ease of use and improved operator ergonomics through smoother operation. • Stem and bonnet threads are fully isolated from the process fluid to minimize corrosion. • When selected with a transmitter, Rosemount R305 and R306 components are fully assembled, high-pressure leak tested at the factory, and arrive ready to install.

A. Removable handle with recessed handle set screw adds security, reduces unwanted tampering, and improves handle clearance B. Color-coded dust caps reduce valve confusion C. Packing nut allows for smooth adjustment of stem packing D. Two-piece stem design with non-rotating tip provides smooth, ergonomic operation and reduces potential leak paths E. Safety back seating provides integral blowout protection F. Isolated stem threads increase equipment life and operator safety G. Modular packing located below stem threads isolate thread from process fluid, preventing corrosion H. Isolated bonnet threads improve corrosion resistance and equipment life with metal-to-metal, bonnet-to-body seal I. One-piece needle tip stem ensures seal integrity over a wide range of pressures and temperatures