Rosemount Tech Gauge Type Air Pressure Transmitter with Manifold

- Jan 18, 2018-

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: TCP 3051

  • Structure Type: Capacitive Pressure Transmitter

  • Accuracy Grade: 0.1G

  • IP Rating: IP67

  • Customized: Customized

  • Installation Effect: Zero-Shift≤250PA, No Effect by The Installation

  • Power Supply Effect: Under 0.005%/V

  • Diaphragm: 316L, Hastelloy Alloy C-276, Monel, Tantalum

  • Protection Grade: IP67 (Refer to The Parameters)

  • Gauge Type: Gauge, Absolute, Sealed Gauge

  • Specification: CE

  • HS Code: 902690000

  • Type: Differential Pressure Transmitter

  • Measuring Medium: Gas

  • Pressure range: 0~1.5kPa

  • Certification: CE

  • Stability: 0.2%F.S.(12months)

  • Vibration Effect: Under 0.1%F.S.

  • Power Supply: 12V......45V DC

  • Drain/Vent Valve: 316L, Hastelloy Alloy C-276, Monel, as Required

  • Process Connection: 1/4NPT Female, as Required

  • Trademark: Tosilon

  • Origin: Shaanxi

Product Description

Tosilon Rosemount Tech Gauge Type Air Pressure Transmitter with Manifold (Ex Approved)
Design and Manufacturing according to ATEX, RoHS Standard

TCP3051 Series Pressure/Differential Pressure Transmitter is designed strictly according to ISO9001: 2000 Standard. The capacitive chip TCP3051 Series equipped complies with the most advanced and mature technology which has been proved by wide range of application. The whole Production line, introduced from the Germany, is able to meet the high standard production level. The whole unit of the TCP Series is compacted built based on the advanced Modular Design, SMD Technology, Mold Technology, Laser Technology, etc.
Required by the clients of different industries, TCP Series include N-Type (Normal Analog), G-Type (Conventional Smart) and S-Type (Standard Smart). The blue-backlight LCD overcomes the deficiency of reading in the dark. The operation of the buttons on LCD makes it easier for the smart transmitter to perform the Zero Setting and Span Setting. In addition, the Calibration and Configuration process of TCP Series can be performed by portable data setter or by the software. As for the special requirements, for instance, the Span Ratio can reach 50: 1 or High Accuracy with 0.075% F. S.

General Technical Index (For Details, kindly contact Tosilon)
· Digital Signal: ± 0.05% F. S.
· Analog Signal: ± 0.075% F. S...± 0.2% F. S.

Short Span(≤ 1.5kPa): ± 0.2% F. S.
Note: As for the Span (<10: 1), Accuracy≤ ± 0.2% F. S.

Ambient Effect/ 28° C
· Span Ratio(1: 1...10: 1): ≤ 0.2%
· Short Span(≤ 1.5kPa): ± 0.5%

Static Pressure Effect (For DP Transmitter)
1. Zero error (can be resolved under static pressure)
· Static Pressure(0...13.7MPa), ± 0.2%/6.9MPa
· Static Pressure(over 13.7MPa), ± 0.5%/6.9MPa
2. Span Error
· ± 0.25%/6.9MPa

· ± 0.2%F. S. (12months, ± 28° C, Max. Static Pressure 6.9MPa, Span Ratio 1: 1)

Installation Effect
· Zero-shift≤ 250Pa (can be corrected), no effect by the installation
Overall Performance
· Based on the accuracy, ambient temperature, static pressure effect, etc.
· ± 0.25%, (Span Ratio: 1: 1; ± 28° C; Static Pressure: 6.9MPa)

Vibration Effect (in addition to Short Span)
· <± 0.1%F. S. (15...2000Hz)

Power Supply Effect
· <0.005%/V

Filled Fluid
· Silicone oil, Fluorocarbon oil

Protection Grade
· IP67 (refer to the parameters)

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