The characteristics and working principle of Ross Mont 3051C transmitter

- Jan 11, 2018-

The characteristics and working principle of Ross Mont 3051C transmitter

Characteristics of Ross Mont 3051C transmitter

Ross Mont's 3051C transmitter has created a new standard for pressure measurement technology. The Ross Mont 3051 pressure transmitter has unparalleled operational performance, flexible CoPlanarTM platform, and can be upgraded. The performance index of the new Ross Mont 3051C pressure transmitter ensures the accuracy and stability under different working conditions.

The principle of Ross Mont's work:

3051C differential pressure gauge transmitter and the differential capacitance sensor, fixed capacitor plates and is located in the middle of the pressure plate composed of two capacitors, process pressure through pressure filled liquid conduction to the pressure plate, pressure plate displacement is proportional to the pressure, the displacement of the two differential capacitance value of the capacitance chamber change, difference is converted to the corresponding current, voltage or HART digital output signal.

The 3051C absolute pressure transmitter using a pressure sensitive resistance sensor, the sensor surface generation integrated Wheatstone bridge, pressure sensor surface deformation, the deformation caused by the imbalance of the variable resistance bridge arm. The unbalanced current of the bridge is amplified and processed. The processed signals are transferred to the microprocessor by A/D conversion to be quantized, and the quantized data are converted to 4-20mA by the D/A circuit.