What is magnetic indication

- Dec 08, 2020-

Magnetic Level Gauges provides clear, high clarity indication of liquid level. Magnetic Level Gauges are principally designed as an alternative to glass level gauges. MLGs are now widely used in all industries as they avoid direct contact with indicator system; it eliminates need of glass for direct level indication and prevents chemical spillage due to breakage of glass.


Prisma Instruements offers Magnetic Level Gauges in top-bottom, top and side mounted construction with two types of indicator systems i.e. Capsule Shuttle and Bicolour Rollers. Magnetic Level Gauge is consists of three major components: Float Chamber, Float and Indicator System.

Magnetic Level Gauges operates on the principle of magnetic field coupling to provide fluid level information. Float chamber is typically constructed with non magnetic pipe having process connections that matches to the vessel connections. Float size and weight is determined by the process fluid, pressure, temperature and the specific gravity of the process fluid. Float contains magnets to 0 provide 360 magnetic flux field.


 Indicator system is consists of bicolour rollers equipped with magnets mounted on rail inside the housing. As the level starts rising or falling magnetic float also travels with liquid level in non magnetic chamber. The magnetic interaction between magnets in float and bicolour 0 rollers causes each roller to rotate 180 .