Yamatake SVX Valve Positioner

- Jan 25, 2021-

Communication protocol: HART protocol, SFN

Integrated double-acting commutation relay equipment



It is an intelligent valve positioner specially designed for rotating valves such as butterfly valves and ball valves.

It is suitable for combination with rotary valve operators such as rack and pinion method and crankshaft method.

The automatic adjustment program (automatic setting), manual range adjustment, etc. can be executed through the button operation inside the case.

It can be integrated with the machine management system through EDDL, DTM, PLUG-IN Valstaff.

Equipped with control valve diagnosis algorithm function block.

Form: Intelligent valve positioner for rotary valve

Model: SVX type

Input signal: 4 ~ 20 mADC,

Split range: can be set arbitrarily

Travel range: 90 degrees (rotary type)

Supply air pressure: 140 ~ 700 kPa

Ambient temperature range:-40 ~ + 80°C


Double-acting type (single-acting type is also available)

HART correspondence

Equipped with automatic setting (automatic adjustment function)

Simple installation

svp diagram