Level Measurement With Yo-Yo Sensing System

Level Measurement With Yo-Yo Sensing System

A sensing weight is driven down into the silo or hopper with a steel band.
As soon as the weight touches the surface, the tensile force on the tape decreases.
This reduced tensile force is detected by the electronic of the MOLOSbob LF20
and the lowering of the weight is stopped immediately.
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Product Details


Reliable continuous level measurement up to a silo height of 42 m

Measurement technology unaffected from characteristics like dust, moisture, conductivity or grain size of the bulk material

Measurement in silos with a process temperatures up to 150 °C possible

No influence on the measurement process by internals in silos or vessels

High measurement accuracy of the actual filling level of ±2.5 cm

A four-line plain text display enables an easy menu-guided commissioning and local operation

Use in dust incendive hazard areas possible, category 1/2D

4 - 20 mA current output and maximum 4 freely programmable signal outputs

Protection type IP 67 according EN 60529

Compact and still robust design with low weight

Special designed tape wiper avoids pollution of internal housing

No movement into silo outlet due to fully electronic digital minimum fail-safe mode

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