Paddle Level Indicator

Paddle Level Indicator

The rotary paddle level indicator DF30 is used in most bulk solids for full-,
or empty-detection mainly within the discharge taper of loading bellows.
The individual sensor configuration with a large number of options and a lot of accessories
enables an accurate adaptation to any specific application.
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short installation height due to reduced length of process connection with 100 mm minimum 

short reaction time due to faster rotating speed of the motor

unaffected by pressure, temperature, dust, caking, and conductivity of material

to be used in all areas with potentially explosive atmospheres as well

versatile and universally applicable

Supply voltage: 230,115,48.24V AC/48,24,12 V DC

singal contact:  1ma/4V DC ...2A /250 AC  change-over contact,potential free

Bulk goods temperature: -25℃...+80℃

Ambient tempreature: -40℃...+70℃

process pressure:-0.5bar ...5bar 

Mounting postion: Vertical


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