Pressure Transmitter 3051

With field-proven reliability, the Rosemount 3051L Level Transmitter is a fully-integrated level solution. This safety-certified transmitter allows for direct mounting or a Tuned-System™ assembly for optimized performance that reduces temperature effects by 10-20% and improves response time by over 80% versus traditional installations. Power advisory diagnostics enable this device to monitor electrical loop integrity and the Local Operator Interface (LOI) offers on-site commissioning.
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Product Details

Rosemount pressure transmitter 3051


1.The Rosemount 3051LLevel transmitter delivers field-proven reliability and performance to improve your bottom line.

2.Combined with the comprehensive Rosemount 1199 Remote Seal offering, the 3051L can meet all your application needs.

3.The 3051L design offers an out-of-the-box ready level solution to eliminate on-site assembly, testing, and calibration

Measurement Type

Differential and gage level measurement

Product Configurations

3051L with flush and extended diaphragm seals.


4-20mA HART™, FOUNDATION™ fieldbus, Profibu PA, 1-5Vdc HART Low Power.

Reference Accuracy

0.075% of span




316L, ALLOY C-276,Tantalum

Connection size



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