Rosemount 3100 Level Transmitter - Ultrasonic

Rosemount 3100 Level Transmitter - Ultrasonic

•Non-contacting measurement with no moving parts
•Integral LCD and buttons as standard for on-site programming
•Continuous measurement of level
•Volume or open channel flow calculations for the Rosemount 3102 and Rosemount 3105
•Two wire loop powered. Rosemount 3102 and 3105 have digital HART® communications
•Two integral signal relays on the Rosemount 3102
•Easy to install and configure
•Rugged metal or plastic housing. PVDF wetted material
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Product Details


■ Measures liquid height, distance to liquid, volume, or flow in open channels

■ Eliminates problems experienced with contacting instrumentation

■ Simple set-up and operation with an integral LCD display and buttons

■ Low cost of installation and commissioning. Minimal maintenance after installed

■ Process downtime minimized

■ Non-contacting measurement with no moving parts

■ Two integral signal relays (on the 3102 only)

■ Corrosion resistant PVDF wetted material

■ Two-wire 24 V direct current loop-powered

■ Operating range up to 36 ft. (11 m)

■ Automatic temperature compensation


■ Storage tank levels

■ Open channel flow

■ Effluent pits

■ Reservoir level

■ Buffer tanks




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