Development And Reform Commission Will Deepen The Price Reform In Instrumentation Industries

- Nov 14, 2017-

According to the National Development and Reform Commission website news, Development and Reform Commission pointed out recently that the next step, the NDRC will improve price mechanism mainly determined by the market as a goal, deepen the price reform, enhance the regulatory price and service levels to new heights, with emphasis on deepening electricity, gas, instrumentation, oil and other resource price reform.


NDRC pointed out that the price mechanism is the core of the market mechanism. Innovative price mechanism is not only an important measure to strengthen the demand side management, but the key to promote the supply-side structural reforms. Since 2015, the NDRC has accelerated price reform, proactively and flexibly used price leverage, steadily and orderly launched a series of price policy measures, making remarkable achievements in stimulating the vitality of the market, promoting structural adjustment, reducing enterprise cost, as well as optimizing the pricing environment.