Fourth. Optimize The Price Environment.

- Nov 14, 2017-

a. to clean up the administrative examination and approval service pre-charge, currently Central Government level has not implemented business administrative pre-approval service charges involving government pricing management.

b. to realize the list management for all administrative fees and Government pricing business service charges.

c. since January 2016,removing the license fee system, simplifying management processes, facilitating collection enforcement units, as well as innovating  supervision ways during and after the matter, establishing the charging unit revenue and expenditure reporting system, as well as evaluation system after the implementation of the charging policy.

d. to comprehensively clear and standardize intermediary service fees in administrative examination and approval, promote the intermediary market-oriented reforms, establish strict government pricing or incorporate administrative approval intermediary service charges into administrative fees management, and make strict examination and approval fees standards.

e. to carry out one-year ticket prices campaign work to further standardize ticket prices, and maintain normal price order. 

NDRC pointed out that the next step is under the State Council “to delegate power, improve regulation and optimize services” reform requirements to improve price mechanism mainly determined by the market as a goal, deepen the price reform, enhance the regulatory price and service levels to new heights, with emphasis on deepening price reform in electricity, gas, health care, transportation and other areas, further liberalization of the competitive part of the price.

Reform environmentally-friendly electricity price subsidies ways and improve renewable energy price formation mechanisms and subsidies methods to further implementation of differential pricing policy based on unit energy consumption in overcapacity industry. A system of progressive pricing for water consumption that exceeds quotas will be put into full practice. Speed up the formulation or revision of price laws and regulations, improve government pricing rules, market regulation and price hearing approaches, as well as enhance the cost supervision and examination. Speed up the informatization construction of price to strengthen price monitoring and early warning and situation analysis, raising the price of public services. Through innovative pricing mechanisms, give full play to the price leverage, promoting the supply side structural reform.