Second, Promote Structural Adjustment.

- Nov 14, 2017-

a. to Implement differential electricity prices for high energy-consuming industries such as calcium carbide and ferroalloy, as well as ladder price of electricity based on consumption levels for cement and electrolytic aluminum production enterprises

b. to implement on-grid power tariff for coal-fired power plant with ultralow emissions, promoting clean and efficient use of coal, and energy-saving emission reduction and air pollution control.

c. to make use of on-grid power tariff for coal-fired units to reduce power tariff space, increase renewable energy additional criteria, adjust internet benchmark price for resource areas of wind power and photovoltaic power generation, promote the healthy development of renewable energy, as well as guide the transformation of energy.

d. to guide rational adjustment of the sewage treatment fees, include sludge disposal costs in the sewage treatment costs, implementing the differentiated pricing policies, and improving the sewage treatment capacity.

e. to guide rational discharge fee collection standard for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in oil chemical industry, packaging, printing and other pilot sectors, and gradually adjust to almost the same level with the main air pollutants sewage charges.