Third, Reducing Business Costs.

- Nov 14, 2017-

a. significant reduction in electricity prices twice, April 2015, on-grid power tariff and commercial and industrial selling power price have dropped about 2 cents, 1.8 cents per kWh respectively on average; in January 2016, further reducing on-grid price and general commercial and industrial electricity prices by about 3 cents, totally reducing the about 90 billion yuan burden on businesses.

b. November 2015, the price of natural gas gate stations for non-residents was significantly reduced 0.7 yuan per cubic meter, directly reducing the downstream burden of more than 43 billion yuan per year. In 2015, adjustments ( 12 down 7 up ) of domestic gasoline and diesel retail prices was made for 19 times, lowering domestic gasoline and diesel retail prices to 670 yuan and 345 yuan per ton respectively compared with that at the beginning of the year, reducing the burden of over 120 billion yuan on the oil industry.

c. to improve swipe fee pricing mechanism, significantly lower rate level from September 2016, reducing the cost of commercial circulation enterprise of about 7.4 billion yuan per year.

d. Import and export links clear specification charges, clearing charges involving shipping companies along the Yangtze River, and Central Trains immigration charges , canceling harbor dues and other seven administrative fees, improving the ship charges and port facility security fee charging policy, introducing new ” Port Charges Billing Approach”. The introduction of these policy measures reduce the burden on related businesses of about 70 billion yuan, further enhancing the transparency of fees and costs and significantly specifying the charging order.

e. to further clean up and specify administrative charges, reducing 12 charges of six sectors, annual relief amounting to 4 billion yuan.