Air Throttle Device Orifice Plate Flow Meter

The annular orifice plate is suitable for various fluid (gas, steam, liquid) media, such as: saturated steam,
Hot steam, various gas (coke oven gas, blast furnace gas, mixed gas, city gas, water gas, semi-water gas, etc.),
compressed air, Gas, burner exhaust, cooling water, heavy oil, residual oil, fuel oil, condensate,
various corrosive chemical solutions, etc.
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Main Application:

water, wastewater, nature gas, corrosive liquid/gas

size:tube type DN50-DN1000mm

sensor:clamp-on /external


1 .The fluid must be filled with tubing and the flow is continuous.
2. The fluid must be a Newtonian fluid (such as ordinary water, acid, alkali solution, superheated steam, various gases, dry saturated steam), and the fluid should not undergo a phase change near the throttling device (from liquid to gas or vice versa) The fluid should be single-phase (gas phase or liquid phase) or can be considered as single-phase [for example, there are no more than 2% (mass component) uniformly dispersed solid particles in the gas stream, and no more than 5% in the liquid stream) (volume component) uniformly dispersed bubbles.
3. Before the fluid flows through the throttling device, its flow must be parallel to the axis of the pipe, and there must be no swirling or eccentric flow, and no pulsating or critical flow.

Air Throttle Device Orifice Plate Flow Meter 3

Air Throttle Device Orifice Plate Flow Meter

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