Orifice Plate Flow Meter

Orifice Plate Flow Meter

Integration orifice plate flow meter has a self-diagnosis, self- set range.
With a variety of communication interfaces
When the fluid filled in the pipe is flowing through the throttling device in the pipe,
the flow will Shrink partly at the throttling device
Shrink partly at the throttling device
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1. Circular concentric sheet with sharp square edges
2. Flange tapping
3. D-D/2 tapping
4. Right-angle edge orifice plate


widely applied in industries sectors such as metallurgy, power, chemical, pharmacy, food, military, scientific research, etc. They are usedto measure, control and adjust flow of the fluids (liquid, gas and vapors). 

The throttling devices are with the advantages of simple structure, easy maintenance, reliable performance 

and high measuring accuracy.

integration orifice plate drawing

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