Orifice Plate Throttling Flow Meter

Integration orifice plate flow meter has a self-diagnosis, self- set range.
With a variety of communication interfaces
When the fluid filled in the pipe is flowing through the throttling device in the pipe,
the flow will Shrink partly at the throttling device
Shrink partly at the throttling device
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Main Application:

water, wastewater,diesal fuel,fuel oil, nature gas, corrosive liquid/gas

size:tube type DN10-DN2000



In the pipeline full with fluid, a throttling elements orifice plate is installed. When the fluid flows, static pressure difference occurs on both upstream and downstream sides. By using differential pressure transmitter or gauge, the differential pressure value is converted into standard current signal or aero-pneumatic signal to show the flow or volume of the fluid on the displaying instruments. orifice plate flow meter consists of the orifice plate pilot pressure piping and differential pressure gauge or transmitter.

carrier ring pressure tapping standard orifice structure

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