Stainless Steel Orifice Plate

Orifice flowmeter is a differential pressure flow device
It can measure the flow of gas, steam and liquid,
widely used in Process control and measurement
in the fields of petroleum,
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Product Details


1. The mechanism is simple, the work is reliable and the performance is stable.

2. No calibration is required. For large-diameter pipeline flow measurement, no calibration fee is required.

3. Suitable for flow control and adjustment of the process flow.


1. Stainless steel pipeline block parts, the pressure loss can be reduced.

2. Can measure most of the media flow.

3. Multi-parameter display: display flow and differential pressure and pressure

4. The flow range can be changed online according to user needs.

5. High measurement accuracy, wide measurement range up to 1:10, to meet trade settlement requirements.

6. Optional welding structure can measure the flow of high temperature and high pressure medium. 


stainles steel orifice plate

differential pressure orifice plate flow meter for oil.2

differential pressure orifice plate flow meter for oil.4

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