E+H FMD78 Differential Pressure Transmitter

E+H FMD78 Differential Pressure Transmitter

FMD78 Differential Pressure Transmitter is suitable for hygienic requirements, measuring gauge pressure and absolute pressure, with a range of up to 40 bar. Flush process connection with metal diaphragm.
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Cerabar T PMP 135 is used in pressure transmitter where hygiene is required, for example, in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Measure the gauge and absolute pressure of gases, vapors, liquids and dust.


Measurement Range up to 40bar (500psi)

Electronic module

Analog output 4-20mA

Digital output

Can be used in explosion-proof environments


Integrated pressure transmitter:

Flush mounting connection with metal diaphragm

Health requirements in accordance with 3A standards

4 times anti-overload protection, good long-term stability

Optional 3.1.B certification

Process contact material is 316L stainless steel, surface roughness Ra≤0.8μm>

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