Differential Pressure Sensor Transmitter For Liquid Level Measurement

adopts advanced specified integrated circuit digital technology to realize best uniformity of accuracy and signal. Each set of transmitter is ambient temperature compensated, ensured highest accuracy and lowest drift of transmitters in wide working temperature range.
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Product Details


1. High accuracy: up to 0.075%FS;

2. Output:  4~20mA, Hart, Profibus-Pa

3. Excellent long-term stability: long-term drift ≤±0.15%URL for 5 years;

4. Range ratio: 100: 1;

5. Module design: Changeable electronic module;

6. Explosion Proof: Exia II CT4, CT6;

7. Water Proof: IP66/67;

8. High Temperature Resistance: High temperature up to 280 ℃ with diaphragm sealing;

9. High Pressure Ability: Max Pressure up to 700bar. 




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