Rosemount 2090P Pressure Transmitter Pulp And Paper Applications

Rosemount 2090P Pressure Transmitter Pulp And Paper Applications

•1-in. flush mount compatible with a PMC process connection, or 1½-in. threaded mounting connection
•Absolute or gage pressure ranges up to 300 psi
•20:1 turndown
•4–20 mA Selectable HART Protocol
•Performance of 0.10% with high accuracy option
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The Rosemount 2090P has process connections that position the isolation diaphragm flush with vessel or pipe walls, eliminating clogging problems associated with highly viscous processes that tend to crystallize, polymerize, or precipitate, such as those in the pulp and paper industry.

Higher turndown allows for lower inventories by allowing you to measure pressures from 1.5 psi to 300 psi with only three transmitter ranges.

The Rosemount 2090P utilizes the advantages of HART Communication, enabling quick and easy reranging, calibration and troubleshooting.

The single-filled sensor system of the Rosemount 2090P leads to outstanding accuracy due to full sensor compensation.


● Reference Accuracy: ±0.20% of calibrated span. Includes combined effects of linearity, hysteresis, and repeatability. High accuracy (P8) option: ±0.10% of calibrated span to 10:1 turndown

● Ambient Temperature Effect per 50 0F (28 0C): ±(0.15% URL + 0.15% span) from 1:1 to 20:1

● Stability: ±0.10% of URL for 1 year, reference stability

● Time Response: 145 ms (at 75 °F [24 °C] reference conditions)

● Vibration Effect: Less than ±0.1% of upper range limit when subjected to vibration of peak to peak constant displacement of 4 mm (5–15 Hz) and constant acceleration of 2 g (15–150 Hz) and 1 g (150–2000 Hz).

● Power Supply Effect: Less than ±0.005% of calibrated span per volt

● Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC): Meets all industrial environment requirements of EN61326 and NAMUR NE-21. Maximum deviation <1% Span during EMC disturbance.

● Mounting Position Effect: Zero shift of up to 5.0 inH2O (12.4 mbar), which can be calibrated out. No span effect.


1. Rosemount 2090P 1-in. Flush Mount



2. Rosemount 2090P 1 1/2-in. Flush Mount



3.  2090P Process Connection Accessories


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