Rosemount 305 Coplanar Style Manifold Five-valve

To meet your variety of manifold connection system needs, Rosemount Manifolds deliver a diverse product offering that is easy to order, install, and operate. The portfolio includes a wide variety of styles, materials of construction, and valving configurations to address almost any application. Purchasing a Rosemount Manifold with your Rosemount Pressure Transmitter can provide you with highest amount of value. When you bundle these two products, you’ll receive a fully assembled, calibrated, and leak-tested solution that is ready for installation out of the box.
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Product Details

The Rosemount R305 Integral Manifold assembles directly to the patented Rosemount Coplanar transmitter, eliminating the need for a flange. The Pressure-Lock Valve, exclusively featured on the Rosemount R305 and R306 manifolds, offers simplified operation, enhanced reliability and increased operator safety. This lightweight premium manifold is available in 2-, 3- and 5-valve configurations which allows for instrument isolation and controlled venting to ensure measurement integrity.

Standard features

Assembled directly to transmitter, eliminating the need for a flange

Factory leak tested and calibrated

Two-, three-, and five-valve configurations

Available with female NPT process connections

No exposed bolt configuration enhances reliability

Fifty percent fewer leak points than conventional

transmitter to flange to manifold interface

Special cleaning options available

Available with five valve natural gas metering pattern

Available with IEC flanged, ½-in. NPT bottom and ½-in. NPT

side entry process connections

Rosemount R305 exclusive features

Pressure-Lock Valve with two-piece stem design

Large internal process bore to resist plugging 


Max. Operating Pressure

6250 psi (431 bar)

Max. Operating Temperature

750°F (399°C)

Manifold Material

316 SST/316L SST

Packing Material

PTFE, Graphite-based

Process Connection

1/2" -14 NPT female
Orientation: Parallel with transmitter, 90° to transmitter


Cleaning for special services, sour gas (meets NACE MR 0175/ISO 15156, MR0103), see full specs for complete list of certifications

rosemount 305 five valv coplanar style manifold

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