Siemens SITRANS P500 Pressure Transmitter

Siemens SITRANS P500 Pressure Transmitter

The SITRANS P500 has been developed with superior measuring accuracy, ruggedness, and user-friendliness. With the SITRANS P500, you can expect high level pressure measurement.Its high long-term stability of the sensor also reduces maintenance costs.
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SITRANS P500 Pressure Transmitter


Top Quality, Absolute Accuracy

Fluctuating temperatures or problems with static pressure are minimized with SITRANS P500 – thanks to outstanding temperature compensation and a separate static pressure sensor. The SITRANS P500 provides significantly increased total performance. Excellent long-term stability offers you both significant cost savings when recalibrating the measuring points as well as a long-term reliability on measurement values. Its exceptionally short response time enables you to react quickly to process changes.

User-friendly and clear Local setup using the backlit display, including graphical representation of measured values using bar graphs, curves and trend diagrams, offers you user-friendly operation and further information about your process. You can also operate and configure the SITRANS P500 conveniently using the HART protocol.


1. Reference accuracy ≤ 0.03 %

2. Total performance ≤ 0.09 %(for a turndown up to 5:1)

3. Total performance ≤ 0.14 % (for a turndown up to 10:1)

4. Extremely good long-term stability 0.05 % / 5 years and 0.08 % / 10 years

5. Short step response times (T63) < 88 ms

6. Separate static pressure sensor

7. Configuration possible via HART and via local display

8. Turndown (TD) up to 200 : 1

9. Static pressure up to 160 bar (2320 psi) possible

10. Degree of protection IP66/IP68 and NEMA 4x

11. Process temperature up to 125 °C (257 °F) possible without remote seal

12. Space savings thanks to short flanges only 86 mm (3.4") long


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