Japan Yokogawa EJA430A Pressure Transmitter

Japan Yokogawa EJA430A Pressure Transmitter

The EJA series uses a silicon resonant sensor formed from monocrystal silicon, a perfect material which has no hysteresis in pressure or temperature changes. The sensor minimizes overpressure, temperature change, and static pressure effects, and thus offers unmatched long-term stability.
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Original Japan Yokogawa EJA430A Differential Pressure Transmitter with good price



1)One Year Warranty.

2)10 Years experience in industrial automation .

3)Competitive Price. 

Product Description   

Excellent performance and stability

The EJA series uses a silicon resonant sensor formed from monocrystal silicon, a perfect material which has no hysteresis in pressure or temperature changes. The sensor minimizes overpressure, temperature change, and static pressure effects, and thus offers unmatched long-term stability.


Compact and light-weight design

Half the weight of conventional models thanks to miniaturization of the casing with the amplifier ASIC, pressure cell structure, and flange. The ASIC uses the minimum number of parts and improves the reliability of the amplifier.

Fieldbus communication capability

Fieldbus is a digital two-way communication system. It is a revolutionary technology for configuring instrumentation control systems and a promising successor to the standard 4 to 20 mA analog communication used in most field instruments today.

EJA series offers two types of fieldbus models, FOUNDATION™ fieldbus Low Voltage Mode and PROFIBUS PA devices, which ensure interoperability between Yokogawa and other manufactures. As for software, the EJA series incorporates two AI function blocks that compute differential and static pressures to allow flexible configuration of instrumentation

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Yokogawa EJA430A Series pressure transmitter

EJA430A-DMS4A-97DA     EJA430A-EMS4A-97DA     EJA430A-DAS4A-97DA   EJA430A-EAS4A-97DA     EJA430A-DBS4A-97DA      EJA430A-EBS4A-97DA EJA430A-DMS4A-97NA    EJA430A-EMS4A-97NA      EJA430A-DAS4A-97NA   EJA430A-EAS4A-97NA     EJA430A-DBS4A-97NA      EJA430A-EBS4A-97NA EJA430A-DMS5A-97DA    EJA430A-EMS5A-97DA      EJA430A-DAS5A-97DA   EJA430A-EAS5A-97DA     EJA430A-DBS5A-97DA      EJA430A-EBS5A-97DA EJA430A-DMS5A-97NA    EJA430A-EMS5A-97NA      EJA430A-DAS5A-97NA

Yokogawa EJA110A differential pressure transmitter  

EJA110A-DLS4A-92DA     EJA110A-DLH4A-92DA     EJA110A-DLS4A-22DC  EJA110A-DLH4A-22DC     EJA110A-DLS5A-92DA     EJA110A-DLH5A-92DA   EJA110A-DLS5A-22DC     EJA110A-DLH5A-22DC     EJA110A-DLS4A-92NA    EJA110A-DLH4A-92NA     EJA110A-DLS4A-22NC     EJA110A-DLH4A-22NC EJA110A-DLS5A-92NA     EJA110A-DLH5A-92NA     EJA110A-DLS5A-22NC  EJA110A-DLH5A-22NC     EJA110A-ELS4A-92DA     EJA110A-ELH4A-92DA

Yokogawa EJA120A Series micro differential pressure transmitter

EJA120A-DES4A-92DA    EJA120A-EES4A-92DA   EJA120A-DES5A-92DA    EJA120A-EES5A-92DA    EJA120A-DES4A-22DC   EJA120A-EES4A-22DC   EJA120A-DES5A-22DC   EJA120A-EES5A-22DC   EJA120A-DES4A-92NA    EJA120A-EES4A-92NA   EJA120A-DES5A-92NA    EJA120A-EES5A-92NA

EJA120A-DES4A-22NC   EJA120A-EES4A-22NC   EJA120A-DES5A-22NC    EJA120A-EES5A-22NC   EJA120A-DES4A-92DN   EJA120A-EES4A-92DN

Yokogawa EJA130A Series high static pressure differential pressure transmitter

EJA130A-DMS4A-92DA    EJA130A-DMS4A-22DC  EJA130A-EMS4A-92DA

EJA130A-EMS4A-22DC    EJA130A-DHS4A-92DA   EJA130A-DHS4A-22DC   EJA130A-EHS4A-92DA    EJA130A-EHS4A-22DC   EJA130A-DMS5A-92DA  EJA130A-DMS5A-22DC   EJA130A-EMS5A-92DA   EJA130A-EMS5A-22DC

EJA130A-DHS5A-92DA   EJA130A-DHS5A-22DC   EJA130A-EHS5A-92DA

Yokogawa EJA210A Series single flange differential pressure transmitter

EJA210A-DMSG2D5A-92DN         EJA210A-EMSG2D5A-92DN  

EJA210A-DHSG2D5A-92DN         EJA210A-EHSG2D5A-92DN  

EJA210A-DMSG2D5A-92NN        EJA210A-EMSG2D5A-92NN  

EJA210A-DHSG2D5A-92NN        EJA210A-EHSG2D5A-92NN

Yokogawa EJA220A Series single flange differential pressure transmitter

EJA220A-DMSG22D5A-92DN    EJA220A-EMSG22D5A-92DN  

EJA220A-DHSG22D5A-92DN    EJA220A-EHSG22D5A-92DN  

EJA220A-DMSG24D5A-92DN   EJA220A-EMSG24D5A-92DN  

EJA220A-DHSG24D5A-92DN   EJA220A-EHSG24D5A-92DN  

EJA220A-DMSG26D5A-92DN   EJA220A-EMSG26D5A-92DN  


Yokogawa EJA310A Series pressure transmitter

EJA310A-DLS4A-97DA     EJA310A-ELS4A-97DA   EJA310A-DMS4A-97DA   EJA310A-EMS4A-97DA    EJA310A-DAS4A-97DA   EJA310A-EAS4A-97DA

EJA310A-DLS4A-97DN    EJA310A-ELS4A-97DN    EJA310A-DMS4A-97DN   EJA310A-EMS4A-97DN    EJA310A-DAS4A-97DN   EJA310A-EAS4A-97DN

Yokogawa EJA440A Series high hydrostatic pressure transmitter

EJA440A-DCS4A-97DA    EJA440A-ECS4A-97DA   EJA440A-DDS4A-97DA    EJA440A-EDS4A-97DA    EJA440A-DCS4A-97DN   EJA440A-ECS4A-97DN   EJA440A-DDS4A-97DN    EJA440A-EDS4A-97DN   EJA440A-DCS4A-97NA  EJA440A-ECS4A-97NA    EJA440A-DDS4A-97NA   EJA440A-EDS4A-97NA

EJA440A-DCS4A-97NN    EJA440A-ECS4A-97NN   EJA440A-DDS4A-97NN

Yokogawa EJA510A Series pressure transmitter

EJA510A-DAS4N-09DE/NF1    EJA510A-EAS4N-09DE/NF1

EJA510A-DBS4N-09DE/NF1    EJA510A-EBS4N-09DE/NF1

EJA510A-DCS4N-09DE/NF1    EJA510A-ECS4N-09DE/NF1

EJA510A-DDS4N-09DE/NF1    EJA510A-EDS4N-09DE/NF1

EJA510A-DAS4N-02DE/NF1    EJA510A-EAS4N-02DE/NF1

EJA510A-DBS4N-02DE/NF1    EJA510A-EBS4N-02DE/NF1


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