PEPPERL+FUCHS Surge Protector Barrier

PEPPERL+FUCHS Surge Protector Barrier

This Surge Protection Barrier limits induced transients of different origin
(e. g. lightning stroke, switching impulse, etc.). This is achieved by
diverting the transient current to ground and limiting the signal line
voltage to a safe level for the duration of the surge.
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This barrier provides 85 V line-to-line and 500 V line-to-ground clamping voltage for the protected instruments. It also protects instruments that have less than 500 V isolation-to-ground. It is installed in an available conduit or cable gland opening like those found on most process transmitters.

Note: Surge Protection Barriers must always be connected to a solid and effective ground and be at the same equipotential level as the instrument it is protecting. The ground system must comply with all applicable regulations. 

General specifications Number of protected signal lines 1

Rated voltage Ur ≤ 48 V 

Rated current Ir ≤ 250 mA 

Leakage current ≤ 5 µA 

On-state voltage ≤ 85 V 

Ground insulation ≥ 500 V breakdown voltage 

Total discharge current (8/20 µs) Itotal 20 kA 

Degree of protection IEC 60529:2001 

Ambient temperature -30 ... 60 °C (-22 ... 140 °F) For usage in hazardous area observe EC-type examination certificate.  

Housing material Stainless steel 1.4401 (AISI 316) surface all over polished 

Degree of protection IP67 

Cable Length L 0.3 m 

Mass approx. 200 g 

Dimensions AF22 x 77 mm (0.9 x 3 inch) 

Mounting NPT1/2 thread 

Data for application in connection with hazardous areas 

EU-Type Examination Certificate PTB 00 ATEX 2175 

Marking 1 II 2G EEx ia IIC T6 

Voltage Ui 50 V 

Maximum leakage current 10 kA line to ground (common), 5 kA line to line (differential) in accordance to IEC 60-2 

Nominal response time 

Symmetrical 1 ns 

Asymmetric 100 ns 

Bandwidth ≥ 40 kHz 

Directive conformity 

Directive 2014/34/EU EN 60079-0:2012+A11:2013 , EN 60079-11:2012 

International approvals CSA approval Control drawing 116-0187 (cCSAus) 



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