Surge Protection Barrier

Surge Protection Barrier

Series HD-DLY400/100surge protector is suitable for TT, TN-S, TN-C, IT, TN-CS and other power supply systems with AC 50/60Hz, 380V/400V/440V and below. Voltage protection, applied to the first-level lightning protection of equipment systems in areas with high lightning risk
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Product Details

Main features and installation method

※ Fast response speed, less than 100 nanoseconds

※ Low limit voltage 

※ Large flow capacity 

※ Normal white, invalid red   

※ Can be installed by Kevin wiring

※Class B lightning current HD-DLY protection, used for equipotential connection during lightning strike

※ In order to prevent product deterioration from affecting the normal power grid, the corresponding specification circuit breaker or fuse must be installed in the front section

※ Parallel installation at the incoming low-voltage main distribution cabinet, an overhead incoming line

※ Protector adopts standard 35mm track

※ Please specify the model, specification and quantity of HD-DLY when ordering

※ The protection shall be connected with a copper wire of 10~35mm2, and the grounding wire shall be a two-color wire of 16mm2 or more.

technical parameter

Technical Parameter                      Model

HD-DLY 440/150

HD-DLY 400/100

Maximum continuous working voltage Uc(V~)  


Voltage protection level(V~)kV



Nominal discharge currentI(8/20μs)



Maximum discharge current Imax(8/20μs)



Response timeN


Access wire cross-sectional area


Cross-sectional area of ground wire    


Fuse or circuit breaker selection(A)


Communication and alarm line cross-sectional area


working environment


Relative humidity25



Standard guide rail

Shell material      


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