Pneumatic valve positioner AVP700

Pneumatic valve positioner AVP700

LCD dispaly and push buttons used in explosive atmospheres.
front panel indicator adjustment program auto setup
integration with device management systems widely using
Communication protocol: HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus
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The local user interface on the front of the device combines an LCD display and push buttons, and can be used in explosive atmospheres. From the front panel the user can execute the automatic adjustment (Auto Setup) program, check equipment status, and display various parameters.
Integration with device management systems can be done using EDDL, DTM, and PLUG-IN Valstaff.
The installed control valve diagnosis algorithm effectively applies data obtained from the embedded pressure sensors for measuring supply air pressure, output air pressure 1, output air pressure 2, and nozzle back pressure.

Double-action pilot (1 output for a single-action actuator)
Integral type

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