Yamatake Valve Positioner AVP100

Yamatake Valve Positioner AVP100

Connected to the regulation of 4-20mA output circuit
Adjustable all complete electronic module,can be installe
in the existing control system,self diagnostics function
full automatic configuration program system
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This device is used in oil&gas, food/beverage,metal/mining/steel and automobile industries.

Self-diagnostics program of SVP assure quickly and correct action for failure of control valves.

smart communication is possible for calibration and configuration of SVP using.

optimum setting for various application.

Smart Valve eXplorer (SVX) SVX100 and SVX102 are electro-pneumatic intelligent valve positioners equipped with a microprocessor for rotary valves. SVX receives the DC current signal from the control device and controls the pneumatic valve. In addition to basic functions, SVX also has communication functions, automatic setting procedures and self-diagnostic functions, which greatly improves production efficiency. Use the HART communication device to perform calibration, setting and self-diagnosis. (SVX102 type only)




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